Friday, February 4, 2011

"Goals are Dreams with Deadlines"

The title of this post is fitting.  It's a quote by Diana Scharf Hunt.  (Google never ceases to amaze me.  I found the perfect quote and since I had no idea who the person was . . . I googled her too).

Almost exactly 1 year ago, DR! set a club goal.  This ever important goal we were striving for did not include breaking into the 16s (we did),  taking a couple of teams to CanAm (yep, we did) or even take 1st in Division 1 at the December tournament (heck yeah - we did), but it was to take a picture of Duwain sleeping at every tournament we went to this past year.

 Guess what?  We did that too.

January Tournament
March Tournament
April Tournament

June Tournament

July (with Mr. Bill)

August tournament (Kim subbed for Duwain)

On the way to CanAm

CanAm in October

DR!'s tournament in November

December Tournament

Welcome to DR! Danielle!


  1. I miss you guys!!

    Denise and the Fox Terriers in Saudi

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