Friday, March 11, 2011

I Missed You Guys . . . But Not That Much

That's what Kim said to us when we were recapping the March tournament on our Dogz Rule! yahoogroup.  She had to miss the tournament to help run her agility club's trial (she's been trial chair for quite some time).

While she was there, she ran some agility with Pogo, Trixi and Stella.

Pogo Agility Star

The highlight was Pogo.  While he likes flyball well enough (he'll run for cheese), he sure LUVS agility.  And he kicks some a#@ at it.

Here is a link to video of Kim and Pogo completing their NATCH-6 run (that's NATCH 6 times over!).  I tried to embed the video on the blog post, but alas, Facebook does not seem to allow this.  Darn you FB!

Pogo is one of the few dogs in the USA and Canada that have achieved this title.  Not bad for a 10 year guy!

Oh and even though Kim was not at the March flyball tournament in person, she was supporting her flyball team in spirit.  In the video you can see her wearing her DOGZ RULE! hoodie.

You rock Kim.  And so does Pogo.  Big congrats from your flyball family!


  1. Great run & congrats again to you & Pogo! What an awesome achievement for the puppy who ate the couch :)

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