Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wikazri Practice

On the rare occasion when the Texas weather is tolerable, we'll hold practices outside at Wikazri field in South Austin. Our normal flyball haunt, Austin Canine Central, was booked for a T-Touch seminar today. So, some of us flyball addicts packed up our dogs and equipment, and headed to practice in Kim's backyard (literally).

Practices at Wikazri tend to be more laid-back than those at ACC. Perhaps it's the nice weather that gets to us and we often find ourselves eating peanut brittle and drinking cucumber water while the dogs play amongst themselves.

When we first arrive at Wikazri, there is usually the initial chase game.

Neener, neener, you'll never catch meeeeeeee!

Then there are those like Marz, who entertain themselves.

Must fit in mouth.

All the while the chase game continues . . .

Ha ha! I zig and zag like the wind. You'll never catch meeeeeee!!!

Eventually we get on to actual flyball training.

Sometimes the little ones make a break for it . . .

Muwhahahaha. I SAID you'll NEVER catch meeeee!

Then it's time to cool off in the pool . . . that is if someone else is not already hogging the water.

And then another game of chase and fetch.

I bite bottoms.

What better way to end the post than with a picture of a cute puppy?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Introducing FALCON

Thanks to some quick thinking by Shah, our endless search for Benjamin's border collie puppy is now over. We introduce you to FALCON, our two month old smooth coat B/W from a long line of working BC's. She's a bundle of energy with lots of tug drive. Falcon definitely has the BC herding instinct and we have the holey pants and ankles to prove it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pogo Takes Special Award from national Championships

NADAC contacted me last week to let me know that Pogo was awarded the Highest Scoring Versatility Dog with Zero Course Faults at the NADAC Championships in Tennessee. They didn’t do the calculations until after they got back into the office and then just sent me the award but they sent it to the wrong address so I’m finding out about it late.
Versatility was the designation they used for the dog competing in all classes at the Elite level.
I’m really proud of the little guy. The award came in the mail yesterday.