Monday, June 21, 2010

Flyball Tip #1


*Side Note: No Dogz or People were hurt in the making of this video. Okay, well maybe some people. But the dogz were okay and that's all that really matters.

**Side Note II: Had we re-run in order (Marz then Velvet) we most likely could have won because the dog that re-ran on the other side flagged on his re-run and had to do it again. We were laughing too hard to even attempt to finish that heat.

***Side Note III: If the height dog tags along, that's okay. As long as the dog that was flagged finishes, you may get the win.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Smells Like DR! Spirit!

After missing the May tournament, Dogz Rule! was more than ready to get back out in the rings and have some fun!  Oh, and we also played a little flyball too.

Hot Rod Hounds hosted this one and they did a fantastic job.  This time the tournament was back in Huntsville.   Did you know that Huntsville has the oldest TX prison facility (opened in 1849)?  It's a true fact - I googled it to make sure.  Check out Wikipedia if you don't believe me.   

We fielded two teams - 4 Dogz with Ballz (Division II) and Dogz in Da Hood (Open II).  Da Hoodz had it rough in their division; racing format was 3 of 3.  Once you get warmed-up after running a couple of heats, the race is over!  However, with several close races, they fought tooth and nail to snag a SECOND place win.  Pretty darn sweet!

Veronica and Boxloader Extraordinaire (aka Stephen) napping between races

Trixi was running lots of sub-6 times and even posted a 5.7 on the clock.  Perhaps she is like a fine wine?  Gets better with age?  Or perhaps it was because Kim actually got to run her some races -  I can't even remember the last time Kim got to run her own dog.  We likey when Trixi gets a fire under her bum.

The other Hoodz dogz (Nico, Eris, Sisko, Stella, Scooter) also ran really well.  Nico, the canine face of Hotel Contessa in San Antonio, pulled a new personal best of 4.67!!  Nico's trying not to let his modeling career go to his head.  But sometimes it is hard to be a celebrity.

Don't Judge.  Tis De Fame, De Pressure.  Tis hard to be bootiful. 

Our 4 Dogz with Ballz took third in Division II.  Well, we actually tied for second in tournament points, but LSR had one more heat on us.  BUT, that's not the good news!  DR! set a NEW CLUB BEST of 17.221 17.111 17.092!  Line-up was Remix, Marz, Ryp and Velvet.  Not bad for Velvet's second tournament.

Other points of interest:
  • Newest member Alissa proving she knew how to party DR! style by showing up to dinner Friday night and getting pulled over by Huntsville's finest for having a headlight out.  She sweet talked him in to letting her off with a warning.  Atta girl!
  • Duwain brought our newest FAVORITE toy to dinner . . . The Remote Controlled FART MACHINE.  Hilarity ensued.  We remotely activated those fart sounds throughout dinner.  It's amazing how fart sounds have the potential to bring people together.  They even enticed the nice young and impressionable children at the table behind us to start making fart noises with their hands.  The parents were none too pleased with us.
Tears of Laughter due to the Fart Machine.  It really is new and improved!
  • Flyball Newbie Stephen (BLE=Boxloader Extraordinare) boxloaded for both teams and did a fantastic job!  He didn't even flinch when 3 dogs came running down the lane at the same time (more on this in a later post).
  • Kim calmly stating "It smells like farts" in the lane right as the lights started going up the tree.  I do believe I was a little late on Remix's release I was laughing so hard thinking about the previous night's dinner (see Fart Machine above).
 And, what you all have been waiting for . . . 
Sleeping Beauty