Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Longest Tournament in the World

Well, maybe not the longest tournament in the world.  Though fun, it was a long weekend.  It's been a week and I think I am still recovering.  It kind of reminded me of the good ole days of flyball . . . yes, kiddos, back in the day when we would travel through snow to the tournament site with crates strapped on our backs, time by hand and the judges would start the races by flailing their arms.

But, seriously, DR! thanks TX Twisters for putting on a great tournament.  It was packed full of racing and all the flyball anyone could ask for.

Marz over the jumps. Photo courtesy of Ruetz Dogz Photography

As in usual DR! fashion, the weekend started off with our regularly scheduled drama - except this time when I called Kim, I was able to say "It's not one of my dogs for once!"  This time it was our flyball running machine, Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Strife.  She suddenly came up with an intermittent limp on her front leg . . . although I think that since all my pups were healthy, Eris took it upon herself to make sure we stressed out a bit.  She takes her job as Goddess very seriously.  Even if we don't.

Photo courtesy of Ruetz Dogz Photography

With some last minute lineup changes (thank goodness it was two 1 day tournaments!), Our Hoodz team was able to secure SECOND place on both Saturday and Sunday in Division V with running dogz of: Sisko, Scooter, Pogo, Trixi AND the recipient of the first Harry Houdini award, , Velvet. Yes indeedy - our very own Velvet made her debut and did fantastic for her first time achieving her FD and FDX! With a P.B. line-to-line of a 4.18, she'll be a fantastic addition to the A team!

4 Dogz (Remix, Marz, Ryp and Stella) ran well in Division II taking THIRD on Saturday and SECOND on Sunday.  We ran multiple 17 sec runs and were oh so close to setting a new club record.  Stella was so rev'd up by Marz that she forgot she was afraid of the whistle.  And her smack talkin' got Marz going, he ran a good majority of his runs sub-4 line-to-line (thank you to Karen from TDR for sharing the secrets of video timing!  My type-A personality is in heaven!).

4 Dogz - them's fightin' words. Photo courtesy of Ruetz Dogz Photography

Even more exciting was the warm-up debut of Sena's pups - Nick and Rue. With Sena's hard work and dedication, it won't be long until we see those two in the lane!

With what little downtime we had, we spent it as we usually do - reviewing video and of course . . . causing trouble.

Be verwy, verwy, qwiet, I'm hunting wabbits . . . er, rubber chickens.
Dey like de wine - brings em out of hiding.

Thanks again to TXT for a fun weekend!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sleeping Beauty III

Spring Fling III, April 10-11
Special Guest Appearance by Sam Ford