Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pogo Earns NATCH 5 & Wins the Red Hot Summer Challenge

Last Saturday, at the New Hope Agility Trial, Pogo earned his NATCH 5 award. A NATCH stands for NADAC Agility Trial Champion and requires 490 points at the Elite (most advanced) level. Pogo just earned his 5th one! (Yes, that's 2,450 Elite points) Rumor has it that he is the first dog in Texas to have earned that many NATCHs.
Mimosas were injoyed by all, except for Pogo, who had many sticks of cheese covered with peanut butter.
Then Sunday morning, they gave out the awards for the Red Hot Summer Challenge and low and behold, Pogo won the 20" division. They gave us a wonderful embroideried bag.
We were riding high on the hog! Check out the picture of our crating area.