Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shamrocks + Greasy Cheeseburgers = Good Fun

Dogz Rule! is home after another flyball-filled weekend in Huntsville. Top Dog Racers were our hosts at their annual Shamrock Showdown tournament and as always, they did a fantastic job.  It's the little things they do - like hand lotion and good smelling soaps in the bathroom - that make the tournament all that much more fun. 

Just a handful of DR! members were in attendance - The Ruetzes, Sena, Kathy, Duwain, myself, Veronica and her newly flyball addicted man, Steve.  Welcome to the world of flyball Steve.  Yes, we are crazy dog people.

L to R - Veronica with Nico, Ben with Ryp, Kathy with Marz, Me with Remix.  Those are Steve's legs in the background.  Yes, we put him to work.
Photo Courtesy of RuetzDogz Photography 

The day started out with the luck of the Irish behind us . . . we were able to win our first race against LSR's A team (haha! That's what you get for GOOSING us last time!).  Then things were a bit sticky. We lost one race due to ball dropping (um, Ryp, it is called flyBALL) and another due to an itchy trigger finger (if the early pass hat was there, I'd be wearing it).

After a couple of not-so-pretty races, we recovered and were able to get it together.  The Misfitz (a bunch of team dogz that normally do not race together) ended up placing SECOND in Division II.  We even ran in the 17s several times!

Some of the good times included:
  • Large Greasy Cheeseburgers (no false advertising here)
  • ERIS, Goddess of Discord and Strife, achieving her FMCh (15,000)
 Photo Courtesy of RuetzDogz Photography
  • Ben learning not to get your appendages between a terrier and the toy 
  • New-to-Dogz-Rule! but not to flyball, Nico, making his debut with the club.
  • Ryp walking away with his FM (5,000) and Remix earning her FDCh (500)
*Shameless Brag Warning* 
 My little Remix did spectacular for her second tournament.  She was running mostly 4.0s and then, on Sunday, ran some 3.9s over her own jump height!!!  Now if I can only tighten that turn . . . (sigh) flyball truly is like crack.

    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    Sleeping Beauty (part Deux)

    Shamrock Showdown, March 6-7, 2010