Monday, August 31, 2009

A Great Weekend of Flyball Indeed!

Dogz Rule! had a great weekend of flyball in Huntsville. We're all home and boy, are we pooped!

4Dogz held onto a strong second place in their division with some really tight runs, even sweeping one of Top Dog Racer's teams at the end of the day on Sunday in three clean heats. We had 10 exciting runs in the 17's!

After a scary first race where they broke out TWICE, Hoodz swept their division (they gave up a few heats but no races except for that first one all weekend) and took first place. No doubt about it, we stomped the competition into submission.

Rumz was in an Open division with a large spread in seed times. With two seconds between the first seeded team and their own seed, it would have been difficult to win on time, so our principal goal was to run clean (and thus win on consistency), give the six dogs as much mat time as possible, and have a good time. By forcing the other teams to fight for their wins and taking heats here and there in every race, we mixed up the placement order by the end of the weekend. It's great to be a spoiler!

Here are some weekend highlights:
  • Harry got his ONYX title with 21 points to spare (more on the circusk9 blog).

  • Ryp and Sisko got their FDCH-Gold titles.
  • Lauren punched Kim in the mouth. I'll let one of them provide gory details.
  • Marz ran a personal best of 3.88 seconds. I was honored to handle him all weekend.
  • Bad dog Velvet ran away and half a dozen DR! people mobilized to look for her. She was found; it probably took longer to find all of the DR! people and get them back to the arena.
  • Kim wants to be The Most Interesting Woman in the World.
  • Duncan raced all weekend (he ran in 7 of Rumz' 8 races), had some great saves from box bobbles, looked very hard at a JRT in the other lane, and still decided to return to Jenn. We won't be able to call him a green dog for much longer!
  • Ben box-loaded for Rumz all weekend. I think he now better understands one of the basic box-loader tenets: after the fourth dog comes through, always reload the box with a ball, any ball.
  • Ivy is looking fantastic, completing several full runs in her warm up slot with Hoodz.
  • Thirteen-year-old Wich ran two error-free races, both of which included four heats, with beautiful four-foot box turns. He was so excited to be racing with his buddies. Old Dogz Rule!
  • Our prez Karl is being fast-tracked for NAFA judge certification and it seemed like he was in the ring all weekend in his black-and-white stripes. He judged quite a few DR! races and has to be commended for his professionalism and calmness. Of course, he was also tapped to judge Human Flyball on Sunday. Karl, does that count towards the certification?
  • Hoodz was undefeated all weekend, except for the first race where we broke out twice, beating the other team on time although NAFA didn't quite see it that way.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dogz Rule! Off To Huntsville

The club is heading off to Huntsville, Texas, for a great weekend of flyball hosted by our good buddies Texas Heat. They are trying out a new facility there and we are all excited about checking it out.

As usual, most of us are staying at the always-pet-friendly La Quinta!

Allow me to share a personal La Quinta story with you. I drove to Utah this past December with three of my dogs to spend the Christmas holiday with my good friend Gosia. The weather was threatening to become horrific--giant snow storm on its way down from the northwest. I was racing west and north as fast as I could. On our second day, I made it from Amarillo to Moab but found I just couldn't drive any farther. It was December 23 and I was worried about getting a room. Any room. As I was cruising down the main drag in Moab, I saw the familiar LQ sign. I parked, went in, and found they had rooms available! The woman at the desk was welcoming and friendly, and pulled the latest weather reports off the internet after she checked me in. The hotel had a large, clean, fenced potty area out back (with a stocked potty bag dispenser and a large trash can nearby) where the dogs could stretch their legs. As usual for LQ, the room was clean and quiet. We woke the next morning at 5am to heavily falling snow, but that's a whole 'nother story!

My red Dodge rental in the Moab LQ parking lot, December 24, 2008.

Anyway, we are certainly not expecting snow this weekend in Huntsville.

DR! is taking three teams to this small tournament. Stay tuned for results!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trixi, Warrior Princess


I'm posting this for Trixi, our very own Warrior Princess. Who could believe that tiny little dog could kill an adult coral snake (scary, poisonous, and most certainly pissed) and what may be a juvenile rat snake (not poisonous but has a nasty bite and also most certainly pissed)? In the same morning! Whew! I guess that silver tooth has given her super snake-killing powers.

The postscript to this event is that I convinced Kim to go back out to the field, brush the ants off the carcasses, bag them up, and stash them in her freezer! Ew, ew, and ew. I am still surprised she went along with this.

I have a professor friend at UT Austin, Chris Bell, a vertebrate paleontologist, who studies living species of snakes and lizards in order to better understand fossil species. He is particularly excited about getting his hands on the coral snake, head and guts intact, because he can study skull morphology (important in identifying snakes in the fossil record) as well as what it ate (gives us an idea of the kinds of environments that snakes live in).

Sometime in the next few days, I expect that Kim and Chris will meet up in some hot parking lot of some fast food joint somewhere in Austin and transfer the precious goods from her car to his!

Not only did Trixi make the field safer for all of us and our dogs, she's made a valuable contribution to science!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just For Fun

A little video of Ryp and Remix from January (? I think?). We were having fun goofing off during a lighthearted training session.

What cuteness!


Border Collies are Crazy aka the Wiggley Giggley Incident

Usually when I clean out the dog room closet I'll find various toys buried (hidden) under random things. I tend to forget why I have them there in the first place. After bringing them out . . . I remember why.

The wiggley giggley is one of those items.

Marz is a pervert - he violated that poor bowser bed.


I found the blog! FUN TIMES!
Amy Shan

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Talk about a Dog in Da Hood!

Trixi's new tooth. No diamonds, but sparkling silver.

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