Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flyball is a Full Contact Sport

DR! returned to Huntsville August 14th & 15th for Texas Heat's Great Balls of Fire tournament.  In past years, the August tournament has been a little bit smaller since some clubs are still recovering from Reliant.  Not this year - there were something like 40 teams!

We took our regular traveling teams - 4 Dogz with Ballz and Dogz in Da Hood.  No new club bests, but a highlight of the weekend was Pooper (fka Velvet - see previous blog post) running in BOTH lanes!  Pooper is a smart dog, new to the sport and realized how much quicker it was to bypass the jumps when racing another dog.  Pooper only did this in the right lane.  With the help of Kim's agility expertise (normal handler Duwain was out braving the treacherous rapids on a river), Pooper ran pretty much error free.

Pooper did, however, need to break in her new handler.

It's all fun and games until somobody loses an eye

 Now the club *may* try to blame the injuries on me as I have been known for things like shoving teammates into to the ring gates (Marcy) and punching folks in the mouth (Kim), but there were very good reasons for my violence - 
  1. Marcy cut in front of me when we were racing (she forgot she was not running anchor).  I had a split second decision of her or me - I chose me. 
  2. During one of those "oh crap I think I am going to early pass" moments, I hesitated for a split second, threw my arms back and felt my closed fists collide with something . . . I thought "now that doesn't feel like a dog" . . . my suspicions were confirmed when I heard the scream
So despite my history, I promise you I was not involved in the recent bout of injuries.

Anyway, back to the topic of the tournament.  BOTH of our teams took FIRST place in our respective divisions (Regular II - 4 Dogz & Open II - Hoodz).  Yep, we rock.

Newer member Alissa caught the fast flyball dog bug by running the ride which we call Marz.  And if I do say so myself, she did a spectacular job!  Even got a 3.94 on the clock with him.  Awesome job Alissa!

Oh, and even though Duwain was not in attendance, we managed to get a sleeping beauty pic.  Though this one is staged, me thinks Kim did a great impersonation.  The ball cap and ever so slightly opened mouth seal the deal.

P.S. To go along with the Flyball is a Full Contact Sport topic, apparently Veronica may have a torn ACL.  How'd she get it?  My dog.  Yep, Marz is as gentle as I am with our teammates.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mr. Bill does Reliant Nap Time

Flyball can be exhausting.  That's why it is a good idea to catch some shuteye in the down time between races.  Except when Mr. Bill's around.

Even other clubs are not safe from Mr. Bill's inquisitive nature.

However, Mr. Bill does prefer the ladies.  He's a bit of a peeping tom.

And how could we resist . . .

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mr. Bill Does Reliant . . . DR! Style

Well kiddos, sorry for the late tournament synopsis.  This weekend is the August tournament so I figured, whoops, I procrastinated a bit too long so better get cracking.

It's been a couple of weeks since DR! returned from a weekend at the biggest Texas flyball tournament held during the Reliant Series of Dogs Shows.  It was a bucket o' fun.

This year we tried a new home away from home at the La Quinta Galleria.  It was high class.  Even had an elevator.  

How many dogs can fit on an elevator?  Apparently a lot.

Misfitz ran during Friday's 1 day tournament.  I did not arrive until that evening (all by myself thank you very much Garmin) but Kim was really good about texting updates.  I especially liked the text about Pooper (the dog formerly known as Velvet).  Pooper ate a bunch of Xero's Evo dog food and pooped non-stop ALL WEEKEND.  Misfitz lost their very first heat because Pooper fouled in the ring.  Pooper fka Velvet, you may have the title of being the "Dog Most Full of Poo," but Mim still reigns as the "Only Dog able to Poop and Run Flyball at the Same Time and Still Beat the Other Dog."

Pooper fka Velvet did redeem herself and ran spectacular the rest of the day with lots of potty breaks.

After Friday night awards, we all gathered for dinner.  The Fart Machine was not in attendance this time, but we did have a special guest.  Duwain was very thoughtful and requested a booster seat so our new friend could see above the table.

Oh noooooo, Mr. Bill

The atmosphere of the restaurant was very relaxing and casual.  It did have its perks being a Mexican food restaurant - there was live entertainment.  Mr. Bill enjoys a good mariachi number.

Ooooooooollllllllleeeeeee Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill even fronted us some cash so we could put in some requests.  We picked songs that Mr. Bill was familiar with so he could sing along.

The food was pretty tasty.  There's nothing like cheesy-going-right-to-your-thighs-enchiladas  after a day of running flyball.  Some of the folks took advantage of our choice of restaurant and got themselves some of those gigantor margaritas.  Mr. Bill was one of them.  Boy is he frisky when he gets a little liquored up.

Naughty Mr. Bill sneaks a peek.
After dinner, we left the restaurant and headed back to the La Quinta so we could get a good night's rest before the Saturday / Sunday tournament.  Stay tuned for details on the weekend results . . .